Fresh, Local And Green (FLAG) is the most efficient online food delivery business to hit the market. Our goal is to deliver fresh food straight to your door while still being affordable and convenient.

Here at FLAG, we believe in providing the best possible service while still remaining environmentally responsible. The key to remaining green is our recyclable bag system. When starting a subscription with the service, the customer is charged a small fee for their first bag. When the customer puts in the order, they simply leave the bag outside the door for the driver to use during their next delivery. Along with being environmentally friendly, the bag system also brings a safe and cleaner alternative to the food delivery industry.

Our service strives to highlight local businesses and have them partner with our company so the customer’s order goes straight to the restaurant. By doing this, this eliminates the unsanitary option of a driver touching the food, filling drinks, etc. The driver has no personal contact with the food, making it a much more sanitary and safer advantage.

Our target market is aimed at busy mothers, young professionals, and even offices looking for catering. Not everyone has the time to go out and buy his or her own meals. FLAG aims to help solve that problem by creating an easy and convenient way of bringing the most fresh and local deliveries straight to your door.

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