In the realm of digital ownership and access, two distinct products have emerged to cater to the needs of users and promoters alike: “VIP Pass” and “Access Tickets or Tokens.” Each of these products offers unique features and benefits, making them suitable for different purposes and preferences. In this article, we’ll delve into the characteristics of both “VIP Pass” and “Access Tickets or Tokens” to highlight their differences.

VIP Pass: Taking Ownership and Control

“VIP Pass” serves as a symbol of ownership and control in the world of projects, businesses, and events. It grants users exclusive privileges and responsibilities:

  1. Ownership and Control: VIP passes are associated with and represent ownership and control of a project, business, or event. This means holders of VIP passes have a say in the decision-making process and the direction of the endeavor.
  2. Administrative Rights: VIP pass holders enjoy admin rights, allowing them to control spending and reserve accounts linked to the project, business, or event. This control extends to managing public and private attributes, details, and links related to the endeavor.
  3. Resale Capabilities: Users with VIP passes can list and resell their ownership of the project at a price of their choosing. This feature adds a layer of flexibility and potential profit for VIP pass holders.
  4. Access Tickets or Tokens: VIP pass holders can also possess access tickets or tokens not only for their own project, business, or event but also for others. This versatility in access rights enhances their influence.

Access Tickets or Tokens: Gateway to Experiences

In contrast, “Access Tickets or Tokens” primarily focus on granting access to goods, services, or experiences produced by a project, business, or event. Here are its key attributes:

  1. Access Representation: Access Tickets or Tokens symbolize access to the offerings of a project, business, or event. They do not confer ownership or control but enable participation.
  2. Finite Quantity: A finite number of tickets or tokens—currently set at 10 million—are available for each project, business, or event. This scarcity adds value and exclusivity to these access rights.
  3. Transferability: Access Tickets or Tokens are transferable and can be sold, gifted, or transferred to other users, projects, businesses, organizations, or events. This flexibility facilitates the exchange of access.
  4. Project Promoter Royalties: One of the standout features is “Project Promoter Royalties.” This concept rewards project promoters with a percentage of the revenue generated by the associated project, business, or event based on their ownership percentage.
  • Revenue Sharing: Project promoters earn a share of the revenue when they transfer, sell, or gift their access tickets or tokens to new users or others involved with the project, business, or event. This incentivizes promoters to promote and grow the endeavor.


In summary, “VIP Pass” represents ownership, control, and administrative rights over projects, businesses, or events, with the added ability to list and resell ownership. On the other hand, “Access Tickets or Tokens” provide access to the offerings of these endeavors, with a finite quantity, transferability, and the intriguing “Project Promoter Royalties” feature.

The choice between these two products depends on your specific objectives. If you seek influence and ownership, VIP passes are the way to go. If you are more interested in enjoying the fruits of an endeavor or participating in its offerings, Access Tickets or Tokens offer a flexible and potentially rewarding option. Ultimately, both products contribute to a dynamic and evolving digital ecosystem where ownership and access are redefined.

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